ProcessMaker is a cost effective extremely efficient light weight easy to use open source business process management (BPM) software application.

Workflow softwares can help organizations in automating and putting a business process in place, irrespective of the size of the organization. We’ve implemented various BPM solutions for clients over the past two years but none have been as simple to design or use workflows like ProcessMaker. ProcessMaker being an open source business process management (BPM) software has a huge user base and developer community, reason enough for us to recommend it to our clients. ProcessMaker reduces the programming time due to its intuitive point and click interface. Lesser programming time means cheaper to implement and lesser turnaround time for the project.

ProcessMaker workflow software features include:

  • Creation of digital forms
  • Mapping out fully functioning workflows
  • Web based and accessible via Web Browser
  • Ability to interact with Business intelligence, CRM, ERP, DMS and other applications in or outside the organization

ProcessMaker workflow software is being used across geographies and across a variety of industries including BPO, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, finance, government, healthcare and education.

Business processes need the flexibility to interact with different business systems. Companies need an easy way to manage and improve their processes. Several factors make it difficult to manage these processes.

  • Improved communication and resolution of requests with and from other departments and customers. Web-based, form-driven processes and graphical drag-and-drop workflow maps automate processes and radically reduce paperwork, so business users can easily and quickly complete their tasks.

  • IT staff can be used more efficiently. Simple deployment and development means that technology managers can quickly get the software up and running without spending a lot of time with complex and unreliable installations. Business managers can create and modify established workflows, so changes can be completed more quickly with minimal IT involvement.

  • Continuous improvement of business processes. Designed for an adaptive approach, where technology and business managers work together to target problem processes for improvement in the larger stream of business activities. Workflows once automated using Process Maker become consistent, repeatable, and measurable, so processes can be continuously refined and adapted to new conditions.