Insurance sector is strictly controlled by regulatory guidelines. Innovative customer service may play a more prominent role in this sector. All levels of management benefit from accurate, up-to-date, easy to understand information that can help them quickly detect potential problems or opportunities

Insurance Industry Dashboards. Insurance Metrics and KPIs

Periodic Dashboard. How do your overall numbers look like across various Customers/Brokers/Regional Managers? How is the performance of your products across the board? How is the revenue distribution of each product type /business type across a period of time?

This summarized dashboard will help you drill down into your numbers and provide key insights for higher management.


  • Total Premium amount
  • Number of customers
  • Average Policy Value
  • Customer / RM/Broker/ Product wise revenue

Monthly Dashboard.

. What is the NETGWP per month for various products and categories? What is YOY % change for each of them?


  • Monthwise Net GWP along with YOY % change
  • Business type / Product type wise NETGWP breakdown

Brokers Dashboard.

Who are the most active/least active brokers on your list? How has their performance been across the past few months? What is the product wise sales they have done this year?


  • Broker Activity

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