Smartmonk provides hands‐on expertise and guidance to help enterprises evolve strategies for successfully acquiring, organizing and analyzing big data in order to drive real business insights to help the bottom line.

Smartmonk’s Hadoop consulting service is focused on evolving your enterprise data management capabilities that unlock the business value in big data. Our specific expertise in Hadoop technology enable's enterprises to build strategies and solutions for data processing and analytics that increase revenue and control costs.

Our services include:
  • Big Data Strategy and Roadmap: we help define how Hadoop based Big Data solutions can fit within your overall business and IT strategy
  • Use Case Discovery Workshops: where we facilitate sessions with various stakeholders from your organization to explore the data challenges you face and how Hadoop based solutions can overcome them by identifying the right use cases.
  • Business Case: where we work with you to build the business case for making an investment in Hadoop for the identified use cases.
  • Organization Readiness:  We work with your organization to put in place the right organization structure for Hadoop Big Data projects.

Going live with Hadoop Clusters requires detailed planning and preparation for its successful deployment. Our Architects will take the pain out of the Why Smartmonk for Hadoop? Smartmonk has a proven track record of designing architecture roadmap for mission critical & large applications for a number of organizations. We create big data architecture utilizing Hadoop that is extensible, high performing and integrated with other Information Systems. Our big data Architecture & Design Services includes:

  • Business case definition
  • Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform
  • Architecture Assessment and Definition
  • Prototyping & Benchmarking
Hadoop Development/Application Engineering
  • Re‐factoring / Re‐engineering Apps for Map‐reduce and No‐SQL platforms
  • Grounds‐up application engineering for new Big Data platforms
  • Development on Columnar DB's, Cloud, RDBMS, Data Warehouse, Data Appliances and Commodity Hardware's
  • Tools ‐ Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop

Our Architects will take the pain out of the process by setting up a high performance, tuned and well tested Hadoop Cluster that is ready for production. We also build documentation of requirements, configuration, benchmarking and process to maintain and operate the cluster. We conduct an in depth training for your designated admin to ensure they have all the tools and tricks.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Enable Reporting and Analytics capabilities over Big Data Platforms & Data Appliances
  • Direct & Indirect Analytics
  • Interactive Reports, Business Analytics, Performance Management
  • Data visualization, Spatial Visualization, History Flow
  • Forecasting, predictive analytics, scoring, pattern search, rule discovery

Technical Implementation Services include:

  • Implementation of rapid POC. Implement a selected use case with prototype functionality on a new Hadoop cluster and assess business value.
  • Implementation of complete solutions either on premise or cloud based.
  • Architecture definition and selection of the right technology building blocks covering:
    Hadoop ecosystem such as:
    • HDFS
    • Hadoop MapReduce
    • Sqoop
    • Flume
    • Hive
    • Pig
    • Cascading
    • Mahout
    Related technologies such as:
    • Spark: In‐memory MapReduce and Machine Learning
    • Shark: In‐memory SQL analytics
  • Administration services covering:
    • Setting up and administering Hadoop cluster on premise or on cloud
    • Tuning/ monitoring Hadoop cluster
    • Setting up and configuring ecosystem projects
    • Setting up Storm cluster and integrating in ecosystem