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    Customer Profile

    The Odimax system has been developed with MARKETERS, for marketers. If you're a MARKETING agency handling numerous brands, products and clients, or the marketing department of a big brand, Odimax has unique tools which will revolutionize the way you handle your social media marketing strategies and campaigns. If you're currently juggling numerous tabs, windows, dashboards and measurement tools to monitor your social media marketing campaigns, Odimax offers you a comprehensive but easy to use dashboard, so you can manage every aspect of your Social Media performance from one place.

    Project Requirements

    • Initiate the process of Data collection through collaboratively setting up data sources and finalizing the variables and hypotheses to perform the analyses
    • Identify the Potential Growth Opportunities or Operational Improvements based on the data analysis
    • Use the analysis results to Inform the Strategic, Operational and Marketing Resource Planning and allocation
    • Feed the results back to phase 1 of next Iteration to Improve future results.
    • Customized reporting
    • Customized Dashboard

    Smartmonk’s Solution

    Features provided are:

    A custom Ecommerce solution was provided using PHP programming language with a turnaround time of 2 months.

    Features supported are:

    • Login- Page design, Single sign on Inbox- Twitter, FB, and Quick Matrix integration Posting
    • New post creation, draft save, schedule save in DB
    • Instant and scheduled post integration with twitter
    • Instant and scheduled post integration with facebook
    • Bulk posting and serial posting
    • Dashboard- Gamification design & dashboard development
    • Report- UI design and report functionality development


    Programming language: PHP