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    Customer Profile

    ANACRA MERCHANDISE is a company dedicated to creation and development of International as well as local brands in India. The company's main focus lies in enabling and supporting the brand to reach and evolve continuously not only in the metropolitan cities of India but also the smaller cities which are undergoing a drastic change each year in terms of and infrastructure. The company boasts of a very valuable clientele list from their respective professional backgrounds which enables them access to a very wide and detailed database of prospective clients and businesses of various genres. Anacra Merchandise Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to introducing international brands in the Indian MARKET every year.

    Project Requirements

    Needed a faster website that would better display these offerings, provide information to prospective buyers and distributors, showcase a vast archive of imagery.

    Mobile Responsive

    An attractive website design to showcase the fun products that Anacra MARKETS

    Smartmonk’s Solution

    Anacra was already familiar with HTML5, so Smartmonk proposed a re-skin of its website, as well as an optimization of their existing install to ensure speedy load times. A gallery module was implemented to allow the organization to easily display and update its growing collection of camp imagery. Actual site content was reorganized into relevant sections with sub-menus, so users no longer have to dig in order to find pertinent information.

    The re-skin completely updated the site layout, rendering content in a more visually appealing manner. The new design offers a more intuitive user-experience, enabling visitors of the site to quickly access and digest information they seek. It is not only modern and professional in appearance, but it is easier to navigate as well.