KMJ Shoes-Australia

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    KMJ Shoes

    Customer Profile

    KMJ is a leading ladies shoe WHOLESALERthat supports all sorts of retailers with flexible buying, competitive prices, unparallel quality control and innovative business practices. We have been supplying ladies shoes to fashion boutiques, shoe stores and online retailers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth, and everywhere in between! Supported by a strong marketing, administration and production team KMJ continually provides outstanding customer service and quick delivery of stock to ensure we answer the needs of your business as quickly as possible.

    Project Requirements

    • A standalone Ecommerce application
    • KMJ sells shoes to retailers and the price of product varies from retailer to retailer
    • The price is displayed only once the retailer logs into his account

    Smartmonk’s Solution

    A custom Ecommerce solution was provided using PHP programming language with a turnaround time of 2 months.

    Features supported are:

    • Price display only once retailer/user logs into account
    • Varied prices from retailer to retailer
    • Add products, describe and categorize
    • Add your products, add descriptions and images, assign categories and attributes, create product rules
    • Track and manage inventories, orders, customers, categories, and attributes.
    • Automate processes and set up alerts
    • Monitor inventory, orders, conversion rates, popular product pages, and best sellers


    KMJ Customers:

    All existing and prospective customers are required to complete a register request form which is then sent KMJ management for approval.

    Once approved retailer will be able to:

    • View WHOLESALE Prices
    • Access Business Resource Centre to help promote their business
    • Become a member of shoe club and receive special promotions and offers throughout the year


    Programming language: PHP

    Database: MySql