Data Design

High level of Data quality is critical to successfully delivering reports in any business. We can help you to improve the quality of your data and ensuring that this standard is maintained.

Data Quality Improvement

The data quality methodology consists of the following steps:

  • Define the business process data quality impact matrix
  • Undertake a data quality audit
  • Determine the source of bad data
  • Propose changes and new initiatives for improved data quality
  • Create a visible data quality reporting platform
  • Integration and master data management
  • Fix bad historical data

This proven, comprehensive method ensures that we can provide you with a complete data quality solution.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Visualect will help you choose toolsets that can powerfully represent insights and trends in your data visually. We use advanced visualization toolset that makes visual analysis and business intelligence fast and easy. Within minutes we can connect to your data, create reports and publish these for the users to access.


We provide you with the correct tools so that you can analyze your data efficiently. In a world of increasing data, this has become critical. We can recommend and deliver reporting solutions that deal with various levels of data maturity and complexity. These cover:

  • Static reporting
  • Web reporting via mobile devices
  • OLAP reporting
  • Data visualisation
  • Geo-spatial data representation
  • Forecasting
  • Integrated analytics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data mining